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Caring For Your Furniture

Wood Care
Keeping your new wood furniture looking beautiful is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Dusting:
Dust is a natural enemy to your furniture as it can create microscopic scratches that dull the finish overtime. To help prevent premature wear, dust at least once a week with a soft, clean cloth that won't scratch your furniture and will pick up dust, rather than spread it around. Fiesta Furnishings recommends the Guardsman Ultimate Dusting Cloth, which locks in dust without the use of a dusting spray. Dusting sprays can leave a dull residue on your furniture and will attract more dust build-up. Be sure to wipe the cloth in the same direction of the wood grain.

2. Cleaning: Occasionally, you'll want to give your furniture a good cleaning. If the piece is used frequently, such as a kitchen table, you may need to clean it every week. Water and detergent are too harsh for many wood surfaces. Instead, use Guardsman Wood Cleaner, which is an ideal way to remove built up grime and fingerprints. Spray the Wood Cleaner on a clean, soft, cotton cloth, (such as the Guardsman Applicator Cloth) and wipe the surface in the direction of the wood grain.

3. Polishing: To restore luster to your finish polish your wood regularly, at least twice a month. Use a product that doesn't contain waxes or silicone as these materials can leave residues that affect your furniture's finish. Guardsman Wood Polish is ideal as it enhances your wood's natural luster without leaving undesirable residues behind. Apply the polish to a soft, clean cotton cloth and wipe the furniture in the direction of the wood grain.
If you have purchased oiled wood furniture, you need to use a polish that contains no water. We suggest using Guardsman Lemon Oil - It can be used on any wood furniture, and adds additional protection as it contains UV sun block.

Regardless of how careful you are, you still may need other products that we offer in our stores to address problems that may occur as you use your furniture:

Scratch Covers to hide microscopic blemishes that may have accumulated.
Touch-Up Markers and Filler Sticks for more serious scratches or gouges.
Guardsman Water Ring and Mark Remover are great for water ring or heat marks on your wood furniture.

Fabric Care
Fiesta Furnishings recommends Guardsman Fabric Care Products because they can keep fabric upholstery, window treatments and carpets looking their best from the moment they arrive in your home. Guardsman fabric care products never affect the original look or feel of fabric and leave no soil-attracting residues.

Protect Against Stains Shields fabric and upholstery against many damaging soils, spills and stains. Guardsman Fabric Protector can be used to shield many fabrics from stains and soiling. Use it on upholstery, microfiber, rugs, carpeting, drapery, table linens, auto fabric interiors, fabric apparel, nubuck, aniline, and suede leathers.
- Protects fabric so it looks cleaner longer
- Creates an invisible shield for easier cleaning
- Maintains the original look, feel, and breath ability of fabrics
- Odorless when dry

Fabric First Aid Stain Remover Kit Intensive stain remover system that eliminates many common household stains from fabric upholstery and carpets, window treatments, as well as other household textiles.
- Food, beverage, cooking oil
- Grease, motor oil, tar
- Ink, permanent marker
- Blood, urine